KASAM is an advanced financial model building tool exclusively for analysts who work in the industry. This tool encloses itself a massive number of indicators and statistical tests which can be used to create one’s own model and test the efficacy of the model against any markets. It comes with an intuitive user interface which has the capability to create multiple models and test them simultaneously. Successful models can be effectively used in actual trading by plugging into an online trading platform. KASAM will effectively interface with real time stock streaming data and use the power of big data and analytics to generate indicators near real time. This means that the models will be triggered real time in association with an online trading system.



Are you an analyst working with the CEOs office of a group holding company? We can imagine how difficult it is to consolidate data from the various business units that you govern and generate a monthly presentation for the board. Integrator might be the perfect solution for you. Using a very cost efficient XML/XSLT data architecture, Integrator will bring together required data points from all your enterprise databases or reporting systems into a business unit level schema. Integrator will then help the business units to add, edit and delete their own custom KPIs and generate a PowerPoint presentation integrating those KPIs together. Thus this powerful tool will provide you seamless access to all your enterprise data sources, create your own KPIs and make generation of your board reports an automated delightful task. All while keeping the sanctity and security of the data.


Customers are the heart of our business. Ignoring the customer sentiments could be detrimental to the growth of any business. Tremendous activity in social media has transformed the way in which customer reviews are echoed to the rest of the world. IBrow is a sentiment analytics tool built specifically to crawl through web and social media sites and provides interesting insights regarding what customers are talking about your product. It detects the sentiment behind each review and notifies you of any abrupt change in sentiment around your products. IBrow keeps a continuous eye on your product and provide real time insights about its social media sentiments.
Ibrow can also be connected to any unstructured data source such as customer support database for getting a wealth of information regarding the issues that are raised frequently, reducing valuable hours being spent analyzing a flurry of email complaints.
Ibrow is built on an open-source NoSQL database Hbase. It uses R for doing clustering and data streaming. This combined with a strong sentiment analytics tool powered by Stanford Open NLP makes it one powerful tool which converts your customer’s thoughts into quantifiable results.

Our Clients

Kreara serve clients of all scales and geographies. We have extensively worked in the US and European markets with specific focus on analytics and application solutions for Pharmaceutical, Financial and Retail Sectors. Recently we have also started to work with the government, helping them to analyse public data and visualise it in a very user friendly manner. We try and treat each of our clients as our only customer and work with them very closely to understand and cater to their requirements.