Business Intelligence is no more about combining disparate data sources and bringing it into an enterprise data warehouse using the ETL process. Under the current market conditions, the business intelligence paradigm has shifted into a “near real time realm” using the latest in memory data bases like SAP HANA and mobile applications that successfully transfer this intelligence to the business person on the move. Data quality control measures are strictly implemented since enterprises have started to largely rely on data for decision making. Low quality data hence will result in serious flaws in decision making. A very well thought out Business Intelligence Implementation Strategy is absolutely vital to maintain the information advantage in the market place.
Kreara will partner with our customers in order to assess their data sources and define a data migration and business intelligence strategy for them. We have expertise across a variety of technologies including SAS, Teradata, Oracle, QlikView, Pentaho, Tableau and RapidMiner. We will advice, build, operate and transfer and effective business intelligence execution strategy which will help the customer with easy access to standard and adhoc reports that are required to make intelligent enterprise decisions.


BI Services

• Evaluation of the Data Sources
• Definition of the Data warehouse
• Define and execute the ETL
• Implement a BI architecture
• Definition and Generation of Reports

Data Evaluation

We will come into your organisation and assess the various data sources that are spread across the organisation. Depending up on the business requirements, we will identify the parameters that need to be loaded into the data warehouse.

Data Warehouse

This step will define the raw and defined variables that need to be created in the data warehouse in order to perform further statistical analysis and reporting.


We will then write scripts which will transfer, transpose and transform the data as per the data warehouse specifications. Batch jobs will be defined to maintain the routine transformation and loading of the warehouse.

BI Architecture

Kreara will assess the system, software and network requirements that is required to implement the BI strategy for an organisation. Our expertise across a variety of technologies will help the customer to come up with an architecture that is state of the art, cost effective and scalable.


Standard and Adhoc reports for part of the standard Business Intelligence process. We will work with the business in collecting the reports that they use on a routine fashion in order to conduct the business. The report generation will be automated to the maximum extent possible.

Our Clients

Kreara serve clients of all scales and geographies. We have extensively worked in the US and European markets with specific focus on analytics and application solutions for Pharmaceutical, Financial and Retail Sectors. Recently we have also started to work with the government, helping them to analyse public data and visualise it in a very user friendly manner. We try and treat each of our clients as our only customer and work with them very closely to understand and cater to their requirements.