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The Insurance industry has always had a way with numbers, owing to the need to constantly assess and manage risks of varying nature. Insurance models are highly dependent oncore functions such as business, underwriting, finance and actuarial. These require data analysis and interpretation along different dimensions of risk. Traditionally the analysis has focused on numerical and experience based data.

Big data is bringing new insights to many different industries and the insurance industry stands to benefit in particular. Insurance companies hold great quantities of data that could be analyzed to help them get to know their customers better and reach new customers. The insurance industry thrives on data, however data analytics ability, infrastructure, process, technology and culture all need to be in place and working cohesively to maximise the return of big data and analytics.


Kreara’s Insurance Analytics revolves around predictive modeling using unstructured data such as insurance distribution, transaction and interaction data as well as social data. Our insurance analytics is the game changer with wide ranging ramifications especially on insurance models, reserves management and insurance risk management. Our solutions uniquely include all of the strategy, process and technology components needed for real-time performance monitoring. Our reporting application includes web intelligence reports to provide detailed and flexible real-time intelligence on the company’s performance against any chosen indicators.

Kreara offers a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution encompassing all the elements needed to support better decision making and achieve high performance.

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Our Clients

Kreara serve clients of all scales and geographies. We have extensively worked in the US and European markets with specific focus on analytics and application solutions for Pharmaceutical, Financial and Retail Sectors. Recently we have also started to work with the government, helping them to analyse public data and visualise it in a very user friendly manner. We try and treat each of our clients as our only customer and work with them very closely to understand and cater to their requirements.